A Modest Reflection on "Theology Today: Perspectives, Principles and Criteria"
Dominador Bombongan, Jr.
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This article focuses on the 2011 document of the International Theological Commission (ITC) entitled Theology Today: Perspective, Principles and Criteria. The author provides a critical assessment of the document. He also recommends specific ways in which the over-all positive orientation of the document can be fully maximized in view of the important role of a [Catholic] theologian in the mission of the Church.

“As theology is a service rendered to the Church
and to society, so the present text, written by
theologians, seeks to be of service to our theologian
colleagues and also to those with whom Catholic
theologians engage in dialogue. Written with
respect for all who pursue theological enquiry, and
with a profound sense of the joy and privilege of a
theological vocation, it strives to indicate
perspectives and principles which characterize
Catholic theology and to offer criteria by which
that theology may be identified.” (No. 100).
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