A Woman of Substance: Sr. Corazon P. Manalo, DC
Manuel R. Pajarillo
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Fifty years of Philippine Catholic education are viewed from the representative works of Sister Corazon Manalo, DC, aFSC, PhD. Three major movements or shifts in Philippine Catholic Education over time are discussed: experimentation and reform following Vatican II (1965-1980) ; the contributions of liberation of theology and the theology of liberation (1975-1990); the end of the experimentation period and the recodification (1991-2015). The article ends on the renewed emphasis on global sustainable development and care for the environment ushered in by the election of Cardinal Bergoglio as Pope Francis.The paper was first presented in a conference held in honor of the wisdom figures of DaKaTeo, one of whom was Sr. Corazon Manalo at DLSU, Manila in 2017. She passed away on May 28, 2019.

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