Basic Ecclesial Communities in the Philippines: a Reception of Vatican II Ecclesiology
Amado A. Picardal
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The Vatican II vision of the Church as communion and as people of God that is priestly, prophetic and kingly was used as the ecclesiological framework for describing the nature, mission and ministries of BECs in the Philippines. This framework was first appropriated in Mindanao in the early 1970s and later echoed in various diocesan documents and program orientations all over the Philippines. PCP II affirmed this when it described BECs as expression of the vision of the renewed Church –community of disciples, living in communion and participating in the mission of Christ as a prophetic, priestly and kingly people and as the Church of the Poor. Thus, BECs can be regarded as signs of Philippine reception of Vatican II ecclesiology. The findings of a recent survey showed that Vatican II’s vision of the Church had now become a reality in many BECs throughout the Philippines but still remained a dream to be pursued.

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