Doing Filipino Theology Amidst Globalized Technology
Randy J. C. Odchigue
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The first component of this paper reflects on how the hegemony of technocratic rationality has become the prevailing discourse in today’s globalized context. This rationality appears to be the over-arching horizon whereby social, economic, cultural and information systems are judged and valorized. The second section of the article is a critical look at some of the challenges technocratic rationality presents to theology. The technocratic obsession for the measurable and quantifiable seems to result in objectifying everything in its way, including humanity for the service of profitable performativity that drives the capitalistic engine. This paper asks and tries to discern in its third part whether there might be resources within the theological discourse that may expose the hegemonic pretension of technocratic rationality. This section further asks whether the capitalistic performativity discourse is the only discourse on performance and performativity that can serve as a currency of value and ethical judgment. Taking all of this into consideration, this article is a plea to a recuperation of the “excess” beyond the market business relationships – an excess only grace can bestow. This excess finds its performativity in the sacramental performance of the eschatological gift that every Eucharist celebrates.

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