Immersed in “Words”, Immersed with People: Contribution of Manny Ginete, C.M. to the Local and Global Church
Emiliano Q. Ibera III
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This paper sketches the “contributions” (read as gifts) of a theologian to the Church. It is a glimpse on the multiple dimensions on the life and contribution of Fr. Manny Ginete, CM (1948-present). The paper puts forward the perspective that a theologian is significant in many ways. There is no single form of how a theologian desires to contribute to the Church. As one reflects on the biography of a theologian (past and present), there is pervasive “pattern” of lifestyle that seems to illustrate a dynamism of immersing oneself into “words” and to the people. The depth of theologian’s life immersed in “words” (scholarship, etc.) is verified in the depth of engagement with the people. This dynamism appears to be a brilliant contribution of Ginete as a Filipino theologian. He is well-versed on both dimensions.

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