Leadership for Resilience in Our Calamitous Times: Some Biblical and Pastoral Insights
Dennis T. Gonzalez
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In our calamitous times, every follower of Jesus, every learner in Christ, is called to practice leadership, to exercise imaginative influence, to help sustain the resilience of persons, households, communities, institutions, and ecological-social systems, and to help make such resilience creative and expansive. Leadership is influence, and it can be exercised even without formal authority or a position of power in an organization or institution. According to the late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (1948 - 2020), “we are all summoned to the task (of leadership),” and this is one of the principles of leadership in the Hebrew Bible.1 He asserted: “Not all of us have power, but we all have influence. That is why we can each be a leader.”2

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