PCP-II's Christology and Ecclesiology: An Unfinished Symphony
Lode L. Wostyn
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Councils have to arrive at a consensus, which unavoidably leads to compromises and ambiguities. PCP-II (the Plenary Council of the Philippines, 1991) is not an exception. Its Christology and Ecclesiology need a “selective reading” to discover the new perspectives. After a short introduction describing the history of the Council, the study traces the three approaches to Christology: a dogmatic, a spiritualizing and a historical one. The challenge is to focus on the man of Nazareth and discipleship. In the same way, PCP-II’s Ecclesiology highlights the Church as a community of disciples, making an option for the poor. The hierarchical Church is safeguarded, but the pastoral concern prevails which makes PCP-II’s message a Pentecostal event.

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