Reasonable Solutions of the Social Order: Causes of Suffering for the Poor
Ferdinand D. Dagmang
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Efforts to make life more bearable and meaningful aim to make the human condition more orderly to lessen the effects not only of natural misfortunes but also of human-made conflicts and adversities. These efforts have come down to us as common approaches or ways of making life more manageable; these may be part of a wider popular culture or the more systematic ways of managing the state of political and economic affairs of a modern/post-modern society. These also provide moral or ethical standards which every citizen considers as binding or obligatory. However, products of human minds and hands are always saddled by limits and flaws. Nothing produced by humans, even the solutions to certain problems, is free from the fragility of human dispositions, human ambivalence, and the ambiguities of nature and the social order. All of these cause suffering, especially for the poor.

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