The Church's Need for Integral Ecological Response to the Pandemic Challenges and Climate Crisis
Reynaldo D. Raluto
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The phenomena of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate crisis may be seen as two equally urgent challenges of our time. Unfortunately, the former has been given an exaggerated priority by many countries around the world to the effect of unduly neglecting the latter. With an emphasis on the Philippine context, this paper attempts to offer an ecological analysis that would allow the readers to see both interrelated challenges as one complex reality and, hence, must be addressed simultaneously. Using the integral ecological perspective, this paper affirms that both challenges are arguably interrelated as they have common anthropogenic origins in the prevailing unsustainable model of development and the exploitative attitude towards nature. In this light, this paper affirms Pope Francis’s theological appropriation of integral ecology in Laudato Si’ as a crucial move for the Church’s holistic interpretation of the complex challenges of the pandemic and climate emergency. Moreover, it highlights the influence of the Holy Father’s integral perspective as shown in the emergence of the Church’s integral ministries and advocacies in the Philippine Church. Hopefully, this emerging holistic praxis in the papal teaching will guide the discernment of the Church towards the post-pandemic world and the sustainable future. 

“A healthy planet, thriving nature, and a prosperous society are the ultimate goals and the best shield against any future threats.”1

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