The Discovery of the New Subject in Latin American Ethics of Liberation
Gunter M. Prüller-Jagenteufel
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New developments in Latin American are dealing with problems of Globalization from a new perspective. As Christian ethics needs to take up the preferential option for the poor, it has to start from the experience of the poor, the marginalized and the excluded. Therefore, the experience of exclusion becomes the starting point of a new ethics of liberation, which focuses on the ‘subject’, the concrete living human being that can and should be the author of his/her own life’s story. So the main task is to build up a society where all can participate as subjects. The first stop in this process is to encounter the other in face-to-face relationships, to hear the cry of the victimized and to act in solidarity with them, so that a new social actor arises: social movements from the grassroots as agents of liberating political and social praxis.

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