The Passover Narrative and Ritual: A Meal of Liberation from Hunger
Ma. Marilou S. Ibita
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With the marginalized and hungry poor in view and the UN Millennium Development Goal No. 1 in sight, this paper explores the role of the Passover liturgy for a mindful celebration of God’s liberating power particularly for those who are hungry. The focus of the study is two-fold: first, it looks at the Passover meal narrative in Exodus 12 and highlights the actions in the narrative that support a responsible sharing of food at Passover. Second, it examines the yearly Passover ritual through the tradition of the Haggadah focusing primarily on the HaLachma Anya, the explicit invitation for the hungry ones to partake of food. Various ways in which food is shared in the Jewish community especially at Passover time will be discussed. We will conclude with a challenge for Christians, especially in the Philippines, to continue re-discovering Passover as part of our heritage from the Jewish people both in the Bible and in the present day, whether in the Philippines or in Israel.

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