The State of Religious Education in the Philippines: A Review of Literature
Rito V. Baring
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Catholic education in the Philippines is nearing its 500 years of celebration. This milestone exhorts both leaders of the church as well as catholic educators to review the educational vision and to track new directions in its educational engagement. In the present study the current status of Philippine Religious Education is reviewed through an analysis of recent publications on Religious Education in the country written by Filipino and non-Filipino writers in local and foreign publications. The review covers the last 25 years of Religious Education since the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines in 1991. Relevant literature made before 1991 which in the past was deemed foundational to the discussion is included to establish a better understanding of the present order. Complementing the library reference search, “Google” and “Google scholar” search engines are utilized to find relevant online literature. This article underscored the challenges, scholarly directions and engagements of Religious Education emanating from the configuration of scholarly discussions on Religious Education in the Philippines.

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